General Concrete Mixes

General purpose, industry preferred concrete

Key Points on General Mixes


  • Our General (GEN) concrete mixes have a designed strength with a minimum cement content and are quality assured to meet British/European standards.
  • GEN mixes are used widely in domestic and commercial projects due to being very versatile.   
  • The most common Gen mixes are GEN1, GEN2 and GEN3. 


GEN1 is a versatile readymix concrete with a fixed cement content.

This mix is best suited for the construction of strip footing foundations, concrete oversite and drainage works.

GEN1 ready mix concrete is most often used in single storey foundations and some domestic floor slabs, normally those that will be covered by a screed or similar.

Applications Include:

  • Single storey Footings / Foundations
  • Concrete Oversite and Drainage works
  • Septic tank locating


Gen 2 readymix concrete is more often used in domestic house floor finishes, especially those that are to be carpeted. A GEN2 can also be used in all the applications of a GEN1.

Applications Include:

  • Foundations (single storey) 
  • Concrete Oversite and Drainage works
  • Domestic floor slabs (then often covered by a screed or similar)


GEN3 readymix concrete frequently used in foundations, domestic floor slabs, patios and paths. GEN3 can also be used in footings / foundations up to three storeys. 


Application Include:

  • Garage Floors (no embedded metal)
  • Conservatory Floors
  • Shed Floors
  • Foundations (up to three storeys) 


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