Collecting Concrete from a Local Plant

A simple on the day readymix concrete collection service

Collecting Concrete

Readymix concrete can be collected from a number of our plants once payment has been made and health and safety agreements have been acknowledged and followed.

Arriving Onsite at a Plant

Readymix concrete plants are busy sites with large vehicles moving around at all times. Please see our popular questions below to help prepare you before your collection visit. 

  • Do I need to wear protective or hi-vis clothing?

    Minimum PPE requirements must be met.

    A minimum PPE requirement of Safety Helmet, Safety Boots and Glasses is required on all sites. This may not always be possible for someone who is only collecting a one-off. In these cases, the plant staff will assist, but will not accommodate ‘repeat offenders'. 

    Please do not leave your vehicle without it all on. Check out our PPE guide to make sure you're prepared. Shorts and opened toe shoes will not be tolerated onsite.

  • Is there parking onsite?

    Upon arrival, park in the designated parking area provided (most plants have this facility) and use the designated walkways to go to the plant supervisor in their office/cabin. Plants can be very dangerous places due to vehicle movements etc. The customer should make themselves aware of the inherent dangers of the site.

  • How do I get loaded?

    Please use the marked walkways to the Plant Supervisor Office / Cabin to notify the team you there to make a collection.

    The plant team will direct you to required loading area. Listen and follow everything the plant team instruct. 

    The vehicle being used to collect should be a suitable size and weight capacity for collecting the concrete (1m3 of concrete weighs roughly 2.3 tonnes depending on the product moisture content.

  • Process once loaded?

    When the product has been loaded the plant supervisor will complete the load on their screen and you will receive your receipt to the email address already provided in the purchasing process.

    We only guarantee our product at point of collection to be of a fresh consistency – batch weights, water content etc. We cannot be accountable for the product once it has been taken off site due to factors such as how long it may be in transit, how long it may sit before being used, how the customer treats the product once on site.

  • Do I need to know anything before I arrive?

    To ensure you have a quick and easy collection please know the following before coming onsite:

    • Product you intend to collect
    • Volume (m3) of concrete you intend to collect 
    • Full name / Company
    • Purchase order number (if required)
    • Collect vehicle registration.

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