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For when things do not go according to plan, we are here to help.

We are here to help

Not everything goes to plan. Our experienced team are happy to help with any query you may have.

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The best way to solve an issue is to flag it as soon as possible and our team will be happy to support. Here are a few guides to help you:

  • How do I return concrete?

    If you do not have a way to dispose the concrete on your site, you may need to send it back to our plant. Returning concrete to us would incur a charge of £250 per m³. Please be aware that space is limited at our plant sites and we may not always be able to accommodate this request. 

    If you need any assistance with your measurements please contact us.

    It's very important to get your measurements right, to make sure you have exactly what you need. However, if you haven’t got the right measurements that can lead to more concrete than you need and this means waste. For example if you measure 1m³ over what you need that’s an extra 2.4 tonnes. 

  • Have a query onsite?

    Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. If that is the case we will need to know about it as soon as possible. Speak to one of our teams to get your project back on track. We will work with you to meet a resolution seeking expert advise from our team within the appropriate local area.  

  • Unhappy with your service?

    We never want to hear that our customers are dissatisfied with the service provided. But if this does happen, please know that we will work with you to ensure our high standards of customer service continue. Please contact our support team who will be happy to work with you. Or please see our contact us page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any charges if I cancel?

    Cancellation charges are incurred if deliveries are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. 

  • Delivery time frame issues?

    We aim to deliver your concrete at the time requested, however due to delays being possible on previous sites we cannot always guarantee times. Your local team will be on hand to contact you and inform you of any delays on the day of delivery.

  • What is the weight 1m3 of concrete?

    The approx. weight of 1m3 of concrete is 2.3 tonnes.

We're here to help

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