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A simple way to accurately calculate how much readymix concrete you will need for your next project. Feel free to contact us should you need further help, our friendly sales staff are on hand to assist you. 

Our easy to use concrete calculator is the perfect first step

Please select the shape of your project and then enter in the dimensions to be provided with an estimate of the amount of ready mix you need.


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* Please note the tool will calculate the minimum amount required and does not factor in overages to avoid waste.

Once you complete your ready mix calculation select one of our specialist mixes for your project

Not sure on which concrete to choose? No problem, we have pages dedicated to application  or you can contact us using the live chat function in the bottom right of your screen.

How to calculate the right amount of concrete

Accurately calculate the amount of concrete you will need for your next project using our concrete calculator. You can build up a concrete calculation for complicated areas by adding additional shapes to the calculation. 

Step 1- Measure the dimensions of the area you want covered including the length, width and depth

Step 2- Double check the measurements, ideally get a second person to remeasure for accuracy

Step 3- Enter these measurements into the calculator

Step 4- Make a note of the total amount in M3 is needed

Step 5- Select the concrete mix you want to suit your needs

Step 6- Enter your quantity on the concrete mix page to get a quote on price and then proceed to ordering.

If you have further questions please contact us on the phone or via our live chat functionality. 

  • What are the different types of concrete?

    We supply a large range of readymixed concrete products specially designed to meet the needs of your project from concrete bases for sheds, to laying concrete for a driveway. As well as your generic standard mixes, Pav and Gen type mixes. See the types of products we offer

  • Do we offer concrete pumps?

    Speak to your local plant when ordering your concrete and we can help advise you on reputable pump hire in your area to get the best result.

  • How much is a cubic metre of concrete?

    Domestic bagged ready mix concrete you can buy from merchants tends to be more expensive than site mixes we supply in readymix concrete.

    Typically bagged ready mix concretes range from £65 - £85 M3. We cannot offer a guide on site mixes as this depends on your region and the type of mixes you require. We supply performance concretes and bespoke mixes that have proven added qualities, sustainable properties and have been thoroughly tested compared to the bagged concrete versions you might buy.

  • Advantages of readymix concrete

    • Fantastic quality and thorough testing to create a high performance product
    • No storage is needed as the concrete is supplied when it is ready to be laid.
    • Improves your social climate impact as there is less air and noise pollution created 
    • Working with us ensures near to zero % waste onsite
    • Prebook your slot, the required amount and take the stress and hassle of dealing with bagged concrete , mixing and preparing correctly. No stress, no fuss. 
    • No ripped bagged concrete, we supply it our trucks ready to pour then drive away
    • Low carbon mixes available to help you build sustainably

Find out about our Low Carbon Concrete Range

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