Offloading Information

Readymix concrete deliveries should be an exciting part of your project and good preparation will help ensure it goes smoothly

Preparation is key 

Click below for our top tips on preparing for your concrete delivery. Offloading on the day will be much easier if you follow a few simple tips. 

Offloading Questions

Check out our quick key points below before your concrete delivery arrives

  • How long do I get to offload the truck?

    You get 45 minutes to offload the truck.

    The 45 minutes starts counting down when the vehicle arrives onsite.

  • How far away is the truck for a 'straight tip'?

    Our trucks can reverse up to your pour location to within roughly 3 meters away. 

    The truck shoot is roughly 2.5 meters long. 

    Please note, ground conditions will affect if the truck can get close enough, therefore affecting the reach of the shoot. Sometimes the truck may have to reverse side-on to the pour area, again effecting the overall length of the shoot. 

  • Do I get longer to offload with a pump?

    No, you still only get 45 minutes to offload the truck. 

    Your agreed pump hire time will be agreed with yourself and the pump company separately.  

  • Who lays the concrete?

    We only deliver the concrete. We do not lay it. Make sure anyone helping you knows what they are doing when the truck arrives. 

  • Who supplies the tools?

    We do not supply any of the tools required. Please ensure you have all the tools needed to ensure the offloading, laying and finishing is complete.

  • Can I offload the concrete into a wheelbarrow?

    We do not recommend offloading into a wheelbarrow.

    Each 1m3 is roughly 22 wheelbarrow loads so make sure you have enough people and equipment to unload and lay the concrete.

    Each 1m3 of concrete weights 2.3 tonnes!

  • Can I check the concrete consistency?

    Once the truck is on site the driver will show you a small amount of concrete to see if it the required consistency class. If you want to add more water this will be documented on the delivery ticket by the driver and may in extreme cases, affect the quality of the product – the addition of water is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Will the truck wash off after offloading?

    Yes. Once the delivery is complete a suitable area should be available for the driver to hose their A-frame and chutes clean. The water / hose etc. does not need to be supplied - the truck has these fitted.

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