Concrete base for conservatories


Using Concrete2you readymix concrete to provide a perfect foundation for conservatory builds.

Constructing a conservatory without proper foundations may appear as an enticing cost-saving measure, but it can lead to enduring issues such as subsidence, dampness and uneven flooring. Our strong recommendation is to solely pursue the construction of a conservatory with suitable foundations, which we are fully equipped to provide.

We supply hard-wearing, damp resistant concrete that's the ideal choice for conservatory footings or foundations. 


Why are conservatory foundations so important?

It is crucial to have proper foundations for your conservatory. The strength of the entire structure relies on the quality of its foundations.

Without adequate preparation of the ground and footings, the conservatory may experience subsidence issues. We strongly advise against constructing even a small lean-to conservatory without sufficient groundwork and footings.

For all our conservatories, we insist on the inclusion of well-prepared foundations. To assist you, we can provide your builder with the necessary specifications for the foundations.


 The process for laying a Conservatory?

Once you have created your designs you can then contact the Concrete2you sales teams to order the amount you require for delivery of readymix concrete. 

Our team will discuss your dimensional requirements and recommended products.

The readymix concrete will be transported from the lorry to the conservatory area either by wheelbarrow or by ordering a pump separately.

Note - you only have a short time frame to lay the concrete depending on the quantity of the mix before it begins to set. A pump is much quicker to use but does add additional costs.

You will need to level off the top of the concrete for a smooth finish unless using our 'self-levelling' product range.

The concrete will need to be set so it will be dry enough to walk on within 24-48 hours but does take up to 28 days to fully dry.

About Concrete2you service

Concrete2you offer an extensive range of concrete products to suit your application. Using our years of experience and expertise in ready-mixed concrete we can recommend the strength and durability that you need, based on your application, measurements and unloading method. With over 78 plants up and down the country we have your local supply needs and delivery dates set once you book your preferred slot. 

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