Readymix Concrete For External Walls


Embarking on a project that involves constructing external walls, such as retaining walls or decorative garden barriers? You’re in the right place

Our premium ready mix concrete is specifically formulated to meet the unique demands of exterior wall construction, offering strength, durability, and finish. Get in touch with our professional team and we will help you select the best concrete mix for your next external construction project. 

Tailored solutions for your construction needs

At Concrete2You, we leverage our extensive industry experience to guide you in selecting the perfect concrete mix for your exterior walls. We understand that every project is unique — that's why we offer personalised consultations to understand your specific requirements, including structural measurements and logistical considerations such as unloading proximity and pouring methods.

The benefits of concrete for external walls

Concrete stands out as an exceptional choice for constructing external walls for several reasons:

Versatility and Design Freedom: Whether you're aiming for a natural, textured look or sleek modernism, concrete's adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

Ease of Installation: Despite the need for precise planning, once your wooden formwork and concrete footers are ready, the pouring process is straightforward. Be sure to contact a professional to check your process is structurally sound before and after pouring concrete. 

Durability: Concrete's robustness allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for external applications. It resists wear and tear, promising long-term structural reliability.


Discover our concrete products and place your order today

We're proud to highlight two of our specialised concrete mixes - Agilia Vertical and Watertight - optimised for external wall construction. These products promise exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal, catering to both structural and design needs. Just use our concrete calculator tool as a guide to how much concrete you will need and order online today.


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