Readymix concrete trucks are designed to mix and transport concrete products from a static batching plant to domestic and commercial projects. 

Information about our Trucks

Concrete trucks are specialist vehicles with highly trained operators. The size of the truck is determined by how much readymix concrete they can carry. The volume of concrete they can carry is measured in metres cubed (m3). 

Please advise in your booking notes via the comments section if you require a certain truck size for your delivery. Our team will endeavour to meet this requirement or discuss other options to ensure you have a successful delivery.

Concrete Trucks

Concrete truck sizes are often referred to as 8 metre (8m), 6 metre (6m) and 4 metre (4m). The volume each of the above trucks can carry is denoted in the name. This value is known as their maximum carry capacity value.    

For example, an 8m truck can carry up to 8m3 of concrete. 

We do also have some tridem 8m trucks (rear steer trucks). These trucks have a reduced turning circle making them good for sites which have restricted access.

  • How big is a concrete truck?

    Please check out our truck dimensions guide below. 

  • How do I know the truck will fit?

    We can not advise if the truck will fit on your site. We recommend you refer to our truck dimensions guide below. Top tips: don't forget about the truck height - keep a look out for low branches around your site from the point of entry. 

  • What is the difference between a 4m truck and 8m truck?

    Please view our truck guide below.

    The more the truck can carry in volume (m3) the heavier and longer the overall vehicle.

    For more information on our smaller trucks (often referred to as minimix trucks / service) please view our Minimix Page

  • Can I choose what truck my concrete delivery comes on?

    We do our best to load the each vehicle in-line with their load capacities. For example we would aim to deliver a 2m3 order on a 4m truck. However, not every truck size is avaliable all the time. Please advise in your booking notes if you require a certain truck size.

    Our team will endeavour to meet this requirement or discuss other options to ensure you have a successful delivery. 

Concrete Truck Dimensions Guide

For slightly smaller trucks, please see our 6m and 4m truck dimensions below:

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