Foundationcrete Extra

Foundationcrete Extra

A ready mixed concrete specially designed for foundations of two or more stories, or where steel reinforcement is used.

Foundationcrete Extra concrete, when correctly specified and placed, will:

  • Exceed the relevant British and European standards
  • Be economical and simple to use
  • On request, offer high workability for ease of placement
  • Meet aggressive ground conditions
  • Be ready to lay blocks and bricks within 24 hours
  • Load bearing
  • Be produced using responsibly sourced materials


Foundationcrete Extra can be used for strip foundation with reinforcement, such as houses, domestic garages, conservatories, retaining walling, blinding and kerb backing.

We advise placing your Foundationcrete Extra concrete mix on a well compacted sub-base layer which has been covered with a layer of plastic sheeting, to avoid it drying it too quickly. Top soil should then be removed to the required level and you should ensure that your base is 75mm larger than the finished slab.

If your project is for a one storey domestic foundation with no steel reinforcements, take a look at our Foundationcrete concrete mix.

How much concrete do I need?

To work out how much ready mix concrete you need, visit our concrete calculator

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