Basecrete Extra

Basecrete Extra

Thanks to its specially designed properties, Basecrete Extra Concrete can be used as either a substrate to screed or as a hard wearing direct floor finish. It is ideal for light industrial floors when used in conjunction with reinforcement.

There are several benefits to this ready concrete mix which, when correctly specified and placed:

  • Meets and exceeds the relevant British and European standards
  • Is economical and easy to use
  • Provides an excellent final finish
  • Offers high workability on request
  • Screed can generally be laid within 24 hours
  • Is produced using responsibly sourced materials
  • Can be used with reinforcement

With the addition of polypropylene fibres the concrete mix is enhanced, with further benefits including:

  • Longer lasting concrete
  • A reduced need for crack control wire mesh
  • Improved resistance against abrasion and impact
  • Minimising plastic cracking

On request, earlier setting mixes are available for power floating. 

Responsible sourcing and sustainability

At Concrete 2 You, we are at the forefront of sustainability. Made from locally sourced materials that adhere to strict environmental legislation, this concrete product is 100% recyclable.


Internal domestic floors, garage floors, shed bases, conservatory bases, retaining walls and light industrial floors can be used for foundations if required.

If Basecrete Extra does not match your specifications, take a look at our Basecrete concrete mix.

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