Farmcrete is a ready mixed concrete specially designed to meet the tough and aggressive requirements of agricultural applications, whilst being economical and easy to place.

Farmcrete, when correctly placed and specified, will deliver:

  • Standards that meets and exceeds those set in British and Europe
  • Easy to use
  • High workability on request
  • Adaptability to all finish types for agricultural requirements
  • Durability with longer working life in aggressive conditions
  • Materials that have been sourced responsibly
  • Compliance with QA schemes and welfare of livestock regulations.

To achieve further benefits from your Farmcrete concrete mix, request the addition of polypropylene fibres, which will provide:

  • A longer lasting concrete
  • Greater resistance against abrasion wear and impact
  • A reduction in plastic cracking
  • Less need for crack control wire mesh

Manufacturing Standards

As with all of the concrete products we manufacture, Farmcrete is produced and monitored by an independent, third party quality assurance scheme, which works in accordance with ISO 9001 and conforms to factory environmental compliance ISO 14001.


Livestock housing, cattle sheds, silage pits, farm yards, retaining walls and grain stores.

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