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Ready mix concrete products

Made from a mixture of aggregate materials such as cement, crushed rock or gravel, sand and water, concrete is used to achieve a range of results. We can supply a variety of products for projects of all types and sizes including ready mix concrete, asphalt and aggregates. If you are unsure how much concrete you require, take a look at our simple concrete calculator. Enter the measurements and shape of the area you wish to cover for an accurate calculation and a price for your ready mix project.

Each concrete mix is specially designed to fulfil specific requirements, however if you are unsure which product you need, you can follow our simple three step process to the concrete mix recommended for you.

General mixes

A general concrete mix is often used in foundations or domestic floor slabs and ranges from a GEN1 to a GEN3 concrete mix.   

Paving mixes

Pavement quality, PAV mixes have been designated by experts as being suitable for outdoor pavements, driveways and industrial external car parks.

Reinforced mixes

Reinforced concrete mixes are used where steel reinforcement is needed and are designed to reach a required strength and durability.

Standard mixes

This type of mix is used in a broad range of applications but with no guaranteed design strength and is graded from S1 to S5.

Design mixes

This form of mix is usually specified at design stage, the larger the number the greater the concrete’s compressive strength.

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