Adding great visual impact using coloured concrete

Working with a local contractor to complete the final look of this carpark in Glen Parva which now has a unique and aesthetically pleasing blush tone.

What was the aim of the project?

The primary aim of this local project in Glen Pava was to supply 187.5m3 total of special coloured concrete for car parking bays in Glen Pava.  

The project started on the 14th October 2022 and finished on 29th November 2022. 

Key Priorities:

On time deliveries

Specification received for Artevia Buff and Artevia Blush coloured concrete. This concrete had to meet a highly technical specification requiring trial loads and load by load testing before delivery.

Manage the changing colour requests led by site depending on the area needing the concrete

Expert batching to ensure no colour contamination in the plant 

Manage plant stock control to ensure a consistent supply

Sales, technical and operational teams site visits 

Every load of concrete was tested before leaving the plant for slump, colour and air %. 

Maintain the trucks to ensure no colour contamination

How was this achieved?

The project was ran over a two week window with certain volumes required on the day subject to weather and onsite conditions. Sustainable alterations where made to the contract by replacing the steel reinforcing mesh with Macro Polypropylene Fibres. The change was not only more sustainable, but was also more time efficient onsite, resulting in economical benefits.  

Overall, 187.5m3 total was supplied consisting of some PAV2 10mm loads and PAV2 20mm loads; both containing Macro Polypropylene Fibres. The PAV2 was coloured with an exact dosage of either Artevia Blush or Artevia Buff to ensure the concrete was the correct colour. Our technical team tested every load to ensure consistence, air content and strength met specification. 



What are the next steps?

Additional areas onsite will be supplied to complete the project. The team are fully prepared to ensure the same level of service and technical support will be provided to ensure the best possible customer service and end product.


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