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  1. How to Lay a Concrete Shed Base

    How to Lay a Concrete Shed Base

    Learn to lay a concrete shed base with our DIY guide. 

  2. Concrete that is too wet

    Understanding Wet Concrete and the Advantages of Waterproof Concrete

    The differences between wet concrete and waterproof concrete.

  3. Weather depiction of a blue sky with clouds

    The causes of wet concrete and how to deal with it

    In the dynamic realm of construction projects in London, finding the right concrete solutions is akin to assembling a puzzle with precision. 

  4. How Long Does Concrete Take to dry?

    How Long Does Concrete Take to dry?

    Curing concrete can be affected by multiple factors. Managing these risks is key. 

  5. What is Concrete slump

    What is Concrete slump


    Getting the correct concrete slump will ensure the laying of you concrete goes to plan for the desired application. 

  6. How To Lay Concrete

    How To Lay Concrete

    A guide to prepping, laying and finishing you concrete to the desired application.

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