Can I Change My Order Quantity?

Project measurments can change slightly, so too can your order quantity.

Yes, you can change your order quantity. Please get in touch as soon as possible to allow us to check availability. 


Yes, you can change your order quantity.

Ideally we would require notice before 12pm the day before delivery. However, ee understand that unavoidable changes happen onsite which effect final measurments. Therefore we ask that any changes are discussed directly with your local order office as soon as possible and our teams will be happy to help. 


If your order quantity is changing have you considered the below?

Wet Concrete Burns

Please review out Health and Safety Guide. A minimum PPE of:

Safety Glasses
Wellington/Long Boots
Long Sleeve top should be worn

Off Loading Time

Concrete pumps are specialist machines and come with a licenced operator, our partners operate in accordance with CPA (Construction Plant-Hire Association), pumps are supplied for hire with trained operators working under the CPA Terms and Conditions. 

Laying The Concrete

We only deliver the concrete. We do not lay it 

Who Supplies The Tools?

We do not supply any of the tools required

Wheel Barrows

Each 1.0m3 will require around 22 movements so make sure they have enough people and equipment to unload and lay the concrete

Checking The Concrete Consistency?

Once the truck is on site the driver will show you a small amount of concrete to see if it the required consistency class. If you want to add more water this will be documented on the delivery ticket by the driver and may in extreme cases, affect the quality of the product – The addition of water is the responsibility of the customer.

Truck Cleaning - Before Departing Site

Once the delivery is complete a suitable area should be available for the driver to hose their A Frame and chutes clean. The water / hose etc. does not need to be supplied as the truck has these fitted. 

Proof Of Delivery

The driver will confirm into their handset that the delivery has been completed. An email will be sent to the address provided in the purchasing process which will act as proof of delivery.