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Concrete for indoor applications

If you're looking for concrete that's just the job for a range of interior projects, you're in the right place. Whether you're using concrete for practical or structural work, or if you've chosen your product based on the job you need to do, with specific features. We'll help you find a mix that offers the end result you need, and meets all the relevant UK and EU quality assurance standards, so you can rest assured.


Hard wearing concretes avaliable for your basement. Ideal for footings, foundations and basement flooring.


If you're looking for a durable concrete that's made for the footings or foundations of a garden building, like a shed or outbuilding you're in the right place.


Whether you're building a single or two-storey extension, we can point you towards a concrete that's hardwearing and can be used with reinforcement where your application requires it to meet aggressive ground conditions.

Garages and workshops

If you're looking for a durable and versitile, hardwearing concrete for your garage or domestic workshop floor, foundations or footings you're in the right place.

Internal walls

We can help you make the right choice using our experience and range of different concrete products we can recommend the strength and durability that you will need.