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Concrete for extensions

For your house extension you need a reliable, tough concrete that really fits the bill. Whether it's for the footings or foundations of a small scale, or large scale extension you're in the right place. Whether you're building a single or two-storey extension, we can point you towards a concrete that's hardwearing and can be used with reinforcement where your application requires it to meet aggressive ground conditions. In most cases the concrete recommended should be ready to lay blocks and bricks after 24 hours and you can rest assured, because our concrete mixes meet all relevant UK and EU standards.

When a two storey extension is required, GEN 3 will be recommended as this provides the highest concrete mix of the GEN range.

Concrete2you offer an extensive range of concrete products to suit your application. Using our years of experience and expertise in ready-mixed concrete we can recommend the strength and durability that you need, based on your application, measurements and unloading method.

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This type of concrete mix is most often used in foundations and some domestic floor slabs, normally those that will be covered by a screed or similar.


Frequently used in foundations, domestic floor slabs, patios and paths, GEN3 concrete mix has the highest cement content of the GEN concrete range.

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